DrummingMy name is Peter and I live in Sweden, Scandinavia.

I've been interested in shamanism, nature, folk magick, history, alternative knowledge, the spiritworld for as long as I can remember.

How I approach the spiritual and shamanic

I combine a natural psychic and intuitive ability together with my knowledge and experience working with the shamanic and spiritual.

What I practice and teach comes out of my personal experiences and is part of what Mother Earth and Spirit shows me. I've worked with different shamanic traditions and also with ceremonial magick and mysticism. But I'm neither northern tradition, noaidi, core, native, amazonian, inca or from other such named traditions, instead I consider myself walking my own path.

About Shamanism

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Shamanic practice includes everything which exists in life. By tradition the Shaman worked with everything that involved the tribe or community. It could be to create good luck for hunting, to find lost animals, to consult and mediate with the spirits and ancestors, cure illnesses and to heal sicknesses. The western lifestyle rarely has any room anymore for spirituality but the Shaman never gets lost or goes out of style.

Shamanism has been called the oldest religion in the world and that might be true. Shamanism is not static or set in stone. What I do is timeless but it's also very deeply rooted in the now. Read my articles or visit my blog and I'm sure you will understand. Contact me if you have questions, ideas, suggestions or comments. 


  • Transformative shamanic healing for people experiencing spiritual and emotional problems.
  • Traditional soul retrieval, power animal retrieval as well as guidance and advice on working with spirit teachers.
  • Help with lost and troublesome spirits, making peace with the past and spiritual cleansing.
  • Shamanic self-defense, guidance and advice on how to create a safe living space.
  • Interpretations and guidance on working with dreams. 
  • Arts, lucky charms, medicin bags, powerobjecs etc.
  • Root work, oils for luck and magickal use, candle magick, blessings etc.
  • Courses and workshops for both basic and advanced practitioners.

If you are interested in healing or need magickal work, please read about my services.