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Post date: 1 year 7 months ago

Enjoy the strong energies this midsummer! Together with the summer solstice, it is also currently a full moon.

Summer morning

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Post date: 2 years 9 months ago

It has been sparse with updates recently. But nothing is ever still. My focus has been inwards, but also about putting food on the table.

During the last year I have become a student again. It is hectic but the work is also very rewarding, and perhaps we should all sometimes concider going back to studeing again, so we prevent ourselves from falling into laziness and begin repeating ourselves.

I still take on clients. But together with deliberation from the spirit world, I sometimes nead to take the liberty to have to call back in certain cases since the day only have 24 hours.

Of course, urgent cases always have priority, and I always try to tend to them regardless of workload.

Until next time.

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Post date: 3 years 8 months ago

Latest iron forging which also were as a reminder to myself to take it slow; everything always arrive where it is meant to be in the end.

Perhaps there are more people who needs this particular reminder?




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Post date: 3 years 8 months ago

A newly forged iron candlestick, complete with its own personality and little flaws - just like it ought to be. A happy amateur am I and damn it's fun.

(The cat, not so impressed.) ;-)


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Post date: 4 years 5 months ago

Everybody should commit themselves to fasting from time to time. Fasting clears out the bad from both your body and soul. It strengthens the mind and makes you more present in the now. It's an ancient science that fasting has a clear spiritual dimension and can be performed with benefits by them who seeks spiritual insights.

When I am fasting I do it because of its cleansing physical effects. But also because the influences it has on the mind and the soul. Usually I do it in connection with spiritual practices or before something big that I plan to do.

To Fast means more than just staying away from food. During a fast you should also be moderate in other aspects of your life. For example you can refrain from ordinary mundane occupations that you normally perform, such as playing games, watching TV, spare-time hobbies and similar. Instead try to live altogether in moderation and turn your attention inwards for conscious mediation. This means to do things in a different way which differs profoundly from our normal ways that has to do with always having our awareness on the outside.

We are all our own Universe

Du är ditt eget Univsersum

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Post date: 4 years 6 months ago

Society can teach prejudice. Don't think so? Watch The Brown Eyes - Blue Eyes Racism experiment.
How do we make people not so suggestible to make stupid assumption or prone to follow orders? We encourage and teach our children critical thinking. -Precisely what the education system is not doing today.

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Post date: 4 years 7 months ago


I'm reading posts made by scared colleagues about Entheogens on Facebook. And realizing how many "shamanicly inclined" people it's out there which are so very scared of what they don't understand.

(Firstly I want to point out that in this post I am strictly talking about the religious use of Entheogens practiced by experienced Shamans. Do not confuse this topic with something else or generalize.)

I don't mind shamans not wanting to have anything to do with Entheogens simply because they differ in opinions, or perhaps it's cultural or simply because it's not "their thing". It's OK, we all have our own paths that we need to walk. But don't pretend to know anything about it if you are not willing to learn. Then it is better to remain honorably quiet.

It's especially important not to try and silence other shamans who knows the Spirits of plants and can talk to Mother Earth like some shamans have done in this way since the beginning of time. These are plant spirits we are talking about here, and its practices are holy and ancient, and if you know what this is then you wouldn't be so quick judging it.
But sometimes I am wondering if some people really do talk to spirits? How else can they be so quick to judge spiritual work so negatively? Even if in their particular way of practicing shamanism this is not their thing - we are still talking about exchange and communications with Spirits.

And besides, haven't we seen enough censorship and book burning in the world to not wanting to go down that path again and again?

Scared people are often willing to silence others because it makes them calm if everybody behaves "normal" and if no one says anything that could upset. But trying to be normal doesn't matter in the long run. If you are scared inside you can't become free unless you confront the fear.

Think Critically

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Post date: 4 years 7 months ago

As hard as it is to comprehend that these things happens where educated people ends up (albeit temporary) on the street, they obviously do. Still strange isn't it? Our beautiful world where everybody could live together and then this strange stories show up? Doesn't seem right. It could be better.

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Post date: 4 years 10 months ago

An interesting TED-talk by Graham Hancock. Inspirational for some perhaps. For the dreamers among us.

Graham Hancock speaks wisely about the ancient knowledge that have become lost among western cultures and the need to reconnect with shamanic allies in nature. We are not alone on this planet.

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Post date: 4 years 11 months ago

New text about shamanic philosophy. Read the article "Being in harmony with nature".