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Post date: 5 years 9 months ago

Globalism is by its very idea without borders. It's global. The definition is really easy.

The power crazy globalist megalomaniacs are currently going all in. Almost every week some new draconian legislation are being put forth which is making the third reich look like child's play. In fact the reich was the blueprint for the new world order, which also has been vastly improved upon. Do you think I'm exaggerating?

Throughout history people have fled war stricken countries as refugees. But what if you have no where to run to? Unfortunatly for those who rather not look at it, but what happens in the US also happens to the rest of the world. Look at the European Union. Everything that is currently happening to the US is just a step behind.

Let's stop it before it's to late. Help exposing it.

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Post date: 5 years 9 months ago

If you know anything about what's going on, you have heard of David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Drake, Neil Keenan, Keith Scott, The coalition among nations, the Lien and the list goes on..

If you haven't then you are in for a treat.

The cabal is real. And only if you are doped up on stupidity and ignorance can you ignore the facts that it actually seems that the new world order will soon become the old world order.

The long roadThose who have seen the future knows that there are several possibilities. Consciousness is simply expressing a view of reality and as more and more people/life share the view it 'becomes' the shared experience, or in other words: A reality. But it can never be the only one.

In this regard we all share and co-create the future and always has been. Only more recently have more and more sleeping sheeple on this earth woken up and realized that they indeed have endless possibilities and that they need to act if they want change. But never should they only rely on others to act on their behalf.

The lie is the idea that lifeforms has simply an exterior and that it is this exterior that reacts to other things, and in turn these reactions bump into and create other stuff and down that road is where we get all the cool and uncool stuff in our lives.. 

Well, if your idea of life on earth is very narrow, then your experience will be just as narrow. But to become more has little to do with all of a sudden becoming Superman or Wonder woman. The idea of putting a label on awakening is part of the lie.

You really only have one way to go. And this is your own way. You decide everything.

The future?

But to know what really is, doesn't necessarily means that you need to sit down on your ass and simply be. Whatever you do, is your own choice. Don't accept stupid notions that awakening should mean this or that. You always decide, it's your awakening. But as I've said, you need to go down this road on your own.

But if we so choose, our future can be very happy. We don't have to live in this insane asylum that we call society anymore.

We are deciding our future on several dimensional levels. But we need to come to a conclusion. The more that chooses, the higher the possibility for this reality to be a bright and happy one. Please choose that!

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Post date: 5 years 9 months ago

The illuminati are masters at rituals. They have learn it from the best. And always, always is it done out in plain sight. Because whatever happens must be done out of consent. As in, the "victims" must agree to what is being done. Silent consent will do. In their world, not in the real world, where the real power lies.

The illuminati must lie and cheat their way to success. But whatever they do can only be a shadow of the real power in the world. But it will do, if there is nothing that will challenge it.

If no one turns on the light. I doesn't matter how big the lie is, it will prevail because there is nothing else. But if you turn on the smallest of lights, no amount of darkness can prevail.

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Post date: 5 years 9 months ago

US THE TOMATOES!Government always tries to argue that it has some meaning in itself. That it has weight and value and therefore it needs to be taken seriously and to be respected.

But the reality is that government has absolutely no value in itself. Without people sustaining it there is no governing. It can not exist and operate without people to help it exist.

Now, lets think about it in terms of Tomatoes

Let's say you and I were part of a bunch of tomatoes. We all hang around together with some friends and generally just try to enjoy life as much as we can. And maybe catch a little sun while we're at it.

The Bad Tomatoe..Suddenly, out of nowhere, there's this Bad Tomato.. And he says that we all should try and get organized. He starts saying that we shouldn't all just hang around and not get anything done! We all need to work together, and build stuff and then work some more. Or else there's like anarchy and stuff and grrrr more bad stuff and yeah, more of that! .. .. (wtf?)

The plot..

Naive and a little stupid as we tomatoes are we start to listen to this one bad tomato. Not many started to think and investigate for themselves if all the stuff the bad tomato pointed out were actually true. Even fewer thought about the fact that most was actually fine until the bad tomato turned up and pointed out how bad stuff really were.

And sure enough, soon the nice but gullible tomatoes started to follow the advice from the bad tomato. Even if most of them actually knew deep down in their gushy gut that it was wrong..

Now, you might think that some of us would point out to the others that we could just go back and simply hang together and have us a good time? And of course some of us did and still do!

But then there also this effin' bad tomato who now starts to tell everybody that the freedom-loving damn hippy tomato should shut the hell up and that the rest need to stop listening to him because he's obviously up to no good!

In fact, the bad tomato started to secretly tell the nice law abiding tomatoes that they should start accepting some new rules so these troublemaker-tomatoes doesn't bother us anymore..

And gullible as tomatoes often are, most of them simply obeyed the bad tomato and little by little they all turned over their power to that one effin' tomato!

Tomato fight!

Now lets get back to the real world for a minute.

If you haven't realized it yet:

- We don't have to give our power away to the few bad tomatoes out there. Just think about it for one short minute. IF it all were for the best, WHY DOES IT ALL KEEP GETTING WORSE!?

You have to agree that either the world is a terrible place and that all the humans must be some kind human formed viruses, like many of the bad tomatoes tries to tell you.. Or, it could simply be part of an elaborate lie they tell the "tomatoes" to get them to keep the bad tomatoes in charge. 

Think about it please? We, the people have all the power. The bad tomatoes only gets to govern the people by the power that we ourselves agree to equip them with.

The good dr. makes a valid point:

Ron Paul

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Post date: 5 years 9 months ago

The only way to achieve something is to try doing it. If it is important enough you wont give up. And if you fail, you try again and again and again .. until you succeed!


Encourage others

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Post date: 5 years 10 months ago


Although the optimism of this article is encouraging: "How Swedes and Norwegians Broke the Power of the ‘1 Percent’". The title of the article holds no realism to the actual situation in Sweden.

There is once again a growing lower class in Sweden. The middle class is diminishing as the wealth is shifted towards the 1% who's growing wealthier by the minute.
The lower and middle class have long since lost their once internationally celebrated protective economic web of security where no one would actually fall through and become "poor". Now there are many, many people who are poor. But naturally the statistic doesn't always show this..

Image taken from a cue to a soup kitchen in Sweden at St:Clara's Church in 2012..

St:Clara 2012

And then there are the social control grid. These are the countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) which gave name to "jantelagen": Where everybody are expected to do and be as everyone else. To go against the crowd is still regarded as a big no-no. And always accept authority and never ever question something that's deemed "scientific". The mind control is so good that most people doesn't even understand that it exists. People go to great length protecting this thinking, and not seeing that somehow EVERYONE seems to act, dress and behave in the same way..? But hey we are all free right! .. Sheep's..

Good thing however that this social mind control mechanism is crumbling and starting to come down.

And you could go on and on. The reality is that this is a fairytale and not a very true one either. The 1% have always been in charge of Sweden. They have just managed to stay out of public sight better then most countries.

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Post date: 5 years 10 months ago

I imagine many people are going through real hardship and questioning if it's ever going to get any better. My feeling is that it will most definitely get better. We're moving into something new and like anything that haven't been experienced before, you just have to ride it out and see where it all ends up. Just hang in there is what I want to say.

And on the metaphysical side: It is a difficult time. Your not just imagining things, there are lots of bad energy, vibes and creatures around. Not everything is soaked in it, but right now it's sometimes hard to know what's what. Best thing is just to keep healthy, to eat organic fresh food and to do fun and nice things. Don't go overboard with your magical or energy exercises right now. Instead, just keep cool and grounded.

Don't struggle. You should always try and enjoy yourself. Even when it looks like there couldn't possible be anything at all to be happy about. Look around you, there might be something or someone to connect to.


I found this great video made by a really funny guy, I think he calls himself Boogie. This particular video is on a serious topic, but check out his other videos to, he's real funny.

In this video he talks about suicide and I thought he said some things really well. So check it out or perhaps send it along to someone who could benefit by watching it.

It sometimes feels hard but remember that we are all related: "Mitakuye Oyasin". This is whats in-store for us. To understand this. And we're getting there.

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Post date: 5 years 10 months ago

Do you really need that Big Pharma and government holds your hand and directs your thoughts and first chooses what you should or shouldn't do?

Soon a new law are being put into place in the EU (one among many) which will severely restrict or ban alternative health treatments to be sold if their "alleged" positive effects first cant be proven scientifically.

It means that treatments which have been taken for thousands of years must now undergo some kind of "test" where their positive effects first must be proven or else they can no longer be sold.

It also means that harmless products will have to undergo a expensive licensing regime before they can be sold. How many small business do you think can afford to first have their "green tea" undergo a costly licensing scam before they can be sold lawfully?

So now the green tea which you have enjoyed every morning must now first have its effects tested and proven before it can be sold to you.

Think for yourselfDon't buy into the stupid idea that your government must first approve everything that you do before you can do it. Please! Just think a little on your own. Can you not simply decide what you should do or must you have big brother first telling you if it's alright before you do it?

You are being treated like stupid children!

Another thought to think about:
.. How many little pills are being sold by Big Pharma that have severe so called "side effects"? And how many natural remedies are being sold and taken that have no side effects? I can think of quite a few.

Now everything has to be regulated by the same people who sell you the white pills with all the side effects. Can you see a problem here? - I can.

Haven't you also noticed that more and more regulations are constantly being put into place that severely restricts peoples freedom and independence while moving equal power into the hands of big government?

"Government" is not a body that exist without its people. It doesn't exist without you and you must always accept its realization otherwise it simply ceases to exist. No matter how big the statues or the impressive buildings - It's you and I for which it stands.

When laws are made which transfers wealth and power away from the people into the same hands which created the laws - You can be sure the nature of the law is morally unjust.

The law in question: [1, 2, 3]


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Post date: 5 years 10 months ago

You wake up in the morning and immediately your mind goes into overdrive and starts shouting important things to that you can not afford to forget.

It's like turning on a switch and the mind starts puking out instructions and thoughts that you seem to have little or no control over.

But, of course the little things in life like shopping, keeping appointments, making payments, social interactions are to important to be regarded as nothing less then a matter of life and death. And everybody agrees, yes?

If you were a machine intelligence - would you act any differently?

The truth of the matter is that you think very much like a machine. It's only when you step away from the programming that you think individually and subjectively.

It's all about programming you know? And you can stop and change - if you dare to think differently. That is, if your not happy being like a machine?

Unplug your mind

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Post date: 5 years 10 months ago

We Won!

A feeling of waiting. Like having arrived early at the party and now you just have to wait for the others to come.
Y'all not understanding that we've already won, need to wake up. The bad guys are falling down. Can't you feel it? I can. #wewon

We just haven't got it yet.

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