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Post date: 5 years 11 months ago

Today we're in for a big one. We are participating in a Full Moon Ceremony that will be performed over at least two continents on several locations.

And as if this weren't enough. The Sun thinks it's time to push us all through a big one.. The biggest Solar Storm in Five years is currently hitting earth with all sorts of consequences. Expect all sorts of dizziness, strange feelings ranging from sadness, fear, tiredness to all the rest. The outcome wont be clear until it's over.

Best thing to do is to follow your intuition. We will do the Full Moon Ceremony, but we will pay close attention what is happening. Follow your gut feeling. That's your anchor.

See you on the other side. :)


Type: journal
Post date: 5 years 11 months ago

I would encourage everyone to participate in the next Full Moon Ceremony on the 8th of Mars. The ceremony is being held all around the earth, organized by as to help wake up everybody to what is happening in the world.

It's sort of a Occupy Wall street/Shamanic/Activism movement. And unless you are happy being part of the 99% who is regarded as sheep by the ruling "Elite", you need to help out to.

The human consciousness is overwhelmingly strong. You just doesn't know it. Start using the other 90% of your brain capacity together with the energy of your body and then we will be alright. Remember that we are all connected.

Drumming for the Earth

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Post date: 5 years 11 months ago

Apparently the worlds most famous Atheist, Richard Dawkins now calls himself an Agnostic.

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Post date: 5 years 12 months ago

Free your mindLook at the world we live in. It reflects everything that lives inside it. New creations comes out of the whole as pure consciousness. Our thoughts are the building blocks to the Universe and whatever intention we put into our being, become reality.

The world is waking up, or perhaps a better expression would be coming to, like someone who have been under sedation for a long time and is now trying to focus and understanding what is going on. 

We've been out for a long time. We have been drunk on stupidity and confusion. The reasons for our helplessness are many but the most important right now, is that we need to get free from the confusion. 

We are not mindless idiots or over-consuming robots. We have a soul and a great vehicle we call body. But why don't we see this? The biggest reason is because you have been conditioned into believing that the world can not be changed and that you are a small fragile afraid person.

Where did these thoughts come from? Why do you believe in ideas that are not your own? Start to question everything and then you will wake up.

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Post date: 6 years 3 months ago


First I want to explain why I use the word "runes" with these symbols on the pages that are linked below. The meaning of the word "Rune" is secret. And that is perhaps how far these symbols can be associated to Futhark-runes, if you work with the northern tradition. I've worked extensively with ordinary runes from the Elder Futhark (or Uthark) and admittedly these runes look nothing like them.

However, runes can be changed and put to work in a secret way. Most practitioners who works with the northern tradition will agree that there are things which are called "hidden runes". These are runes that's been carved to disguise their source from preying eyes and keep their secrets well guarded. My runes work the same.

Each of the symbols have been made to help and have helped somebody. They are not evil and will not do evil. I give them out to the public in the hope that they will be beneficial to all.

Note that there are guidelines on how to use them at their respective pages. Please read it.

Quick links

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Post date: 6 years 3 months ago

Shoot yourself in the footI still find myself fighting the dream in which I also struggle so hard to wake up from. This way I engage more with the dream while I simultaneously is trying to escape from it. This is stupid isn't it?

No one can run and fight at the same time. That way you would effectively just be standing still. And isn't this just what we often find ourself doing? Pointlessly struggling while we try to escape and just end up experiencing more of the feeling that we are somehow drowning.

In serious martial arts much of the teaching concerns how not to fight. And if we do find ourself in a fight we need to do it as little as possible. If you can make your opponent fight himself, you always win.

Life works the same way. If you work against the flow of life, you always loose. Our way of thinking is our biggest enemy, somehow we often cant get it into our head how to stop struggling with our own mind.

It's like a gardener who wants to have a beautiful garden, but he never grows anything because he cant make his mind up on what to sow.

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Post date: 6 years 3 months ago

Captain AhabWhile we struggle with religious beliefs and trying to determine which way is right and which might be wrong. Everything keeps on going and we're in there with it. Our view on life comes out of the current perspective we have. If we change perspective our life changes with it.

We can try and control and change the constructs of life to match our beliefs and dreams, or we can go with it. And let it take us along wherever it wants us to go. We are apart of life whether we understand it or not, so we havent got much to loose by giving up control. We only just think we are in control anyway.

We're all in this great stream of change which we call life. We are the stream! If you imagine you're separate from it and that you are being carried along by it as you were a cork, that's a delusion. You are a wave of the stream itself. - Alan Watts

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Post date: 6 years 3 months ago

Julia Margaret Cameron I wait

When you ask. Ask your questions humbly. Stand firm with attention and with as steady and clear voice you can muster up; ask your question.

Our culture makes us into consumers which idolize accumulating which takes and takes and doesn't even understand what it does to us. Mindless consuming is when you immediately start to think of the next thing you will consume when you've devoured whatever just came in your way. If you don't pay attention to what you are doing or instead is already thinking of the next thing you're going to do. Slow down, your mind is racing.

Stop for a while and listen. Don't ask to soon for what, if you don't know how to listen. Pay attention and wait.

There is a saying which goes: The teacher will appear when the student is ready. This quote can be further elaborated: If you think you are ready, then you are not ready. If you were, you wouldn't be the student. When you are ready, there comes the teacher.

Arrogance can be a great obstacle but also a great lesson when understood. In this video Sri H.W.L. Poonja or Papaji which he was lovingly called by his devotes, gave this lesson.

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Post date: 6 years 3 months ago

Imagine a system of banking and government which actually works for you and not the other way around. Where money is taken out of politics and greedy bankers don't make money out of your debts.

People are making plans for this to happen. Have a look and decide if you want the old system designed for bankers or a new system built for and by the people.



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Post date: 6 years 3 months ago

It was Lord Acton who said:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Here is a video with a very interesting message. Delivered in poetry, very enjoyable.

If you're wondering, the book the banker reads is Aldous Huxleys - Brave New World.

It gets worse

But you might object and argue that this is just a play. Surely the story is a bit exaggerated. Well, unfortunately we've all been spoonfeed with the right news and the right knowledge. But the reality is not what it looks like.

Look at this recording with the former president of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn when he addressed graduate students at Stanford University last year and ask yourself; have you seen anything about this in the news?

An alternative

Regardless on how we all feel about money sometimes, it's really not a static object. It's just an idea on how to move around goods and get payments for it. Think about the ideas put forth in the next video a little bit. Perhaps we could do better then what's being done in the world right now?

In the first video The Banker sits and smiles scornfully at the pages in the book he's reading. Perhaps enjoying that fact trumps fiction. I started out with a quote and it's only fair that I end with one, and what is better then one from Aldous Huxley:

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

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