"Shamans" being afraid of plant spirits and gifts from Mother Earth

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I'm reading posts made by scared colleagues about Entheogens on Facebook. And realizing how many "shamanicly inclined" people it's out there which are so very scared of what they don't understand.

(Firstly I want to point out that in this post I am strictly talking about the religious use of Entheogens practiced by experienced Shamans. Do not confuse this topic with something else or generalize.)

You are loved

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Last night I had at first a semi-lucid dream.

I was walking on a road in a city. I was feeling bad and experienced negative thoughts about myself.

At one time I walked under a small bridge or a overpass and during that moment one thought said:
- "You are bad and not worthy."

But when I came out from under the overpass I looked up onto the wall. And on the side of the road I could see writings like graffiti. And the writing began with these words:
- "I love you. You are perfect ..."

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