Client Responses

We came home safely and everything is great! Just thought I'd mention that after having tried to quit smoking for almost a year it now came very spontaneously to not buy a new package after having visited you. I woke up rested today not experienced any nightmares or sleep paralysis which has not happened in months.

I am noticeable affected after the meeting with you. I'm changed, it feels like I have released something that I had been holding on to. Some melancholic and sad feeling but also a feeling of freedom.
The future is mine and I'm looking forward to it!


The unwanted negative energies and the night terrors disappeared thank you!


I've been having difficulties with my throat chakra that no one have been able to help me with, so grateful for your help and that my lost soul part is back.


I'm taking it one day at the time and thank you Peter I'm really greatfull for all your help


I have done what you said to me about the hawthorn/tree and now it's in God's hands, it feels good. Thank you for being there for me.


Much has happened in my house since you were here. And all the stuff that you told us to remove we've carried away. Feels so gooood! Started painting again!


I'm thanking you for all you have done for our house and the little ones that we share space with. We promise to respect them and to be more watchful.
-I & G


In the last two days she has found a new friend and they went together on the bus back and forth from school and she did it without any problems, and in a place that is crowded with people coming from many places, and none of this seems to be a problem anymore. Can it get any better? :)


I was out in the forest today with fruit, seeds and nutts and gave them to my animal friends. I also thanked all the spirits for the last couple of weeks and for everything I have received. It was a great walk together with my Irish Wolfhound!! I also want to thank you for this!!!! THANK YOU!

Note. English responses are translated carefully into Swedish and vice versa.

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