Runes and Sigils for personal help

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First I want to explain why I use the word "runes" with these symbols on the pages that are linked below. The meaning of the word "Rune" is secret. And that is perhaps how far these symbols can be associated to Futhark-runes, if you work with the northern tradition. I've worked extensively with ordinary runes from the Elder Futhark (or Uthark) and admittedly these runes look nothing like them.

However, runes can be changed and put to work in a secret way. Most practitioners who works with the northern tradition will agree that there are things which are called "hidden runes". These are runes that's been carved to disguise their source from preying eyes and keep their secrets well guarded. My runes work the same.

Each of the symbols have been made to help and have helped somebody. They are not evil and will not do evil. I give them out to the public in the hope that they will be beneficial to all.

Note that there are guidelines on how to use them at their respective pages. Please read it.

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