Can you think for yourself or do you need help?

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Do you really need that Big Pharma and government holds your hand and directs your thoughts and first chooses what you should or shouldn't do?

Soon a new law are being put into place in the EU (one among many) which will severely restrict or ban alternative health treatments to be sold if their "alleged" positive effects first cant be proven scientifically.

It means that treatments which have been taken for thousands of years must now undergo some kind of "test" where their positive effects first must be proven or else they can no longer be sold.

It also means that harmless products will have to undergo a expensive licensing regime before they can be sold. How many small business do you think can afford to first have their "green tea" undergo a costly licensing scam before they can be sold lawfully?

So now the green tea which you have enjoyed every morning must now first have its effects tested and proven before it can be sold to you.

Think for yourselfDon't buy into the stupid idea that your government must first approve everything that you do before you can do it. Please! Just think a little on your own. Can you not simply decide what you should do or must you have big brother first telling you if it's alright before you do it?

You are being treated like stupid children!

Another thought to think about:
.. How many little pills are being sold by Big Pharma that have severe so called "side effects"? And how many natural remedies are being sold and taken that have no side effects? I can think of quite a few.

Now everything has to be regulated by the same people who sell you the white pills with all the side effects. Can you see a problem here? - I can.

Haven't you also noticed that more and more regulations are constantly being put into place that severely restricts peoples freedom and independence while moving equal power into the hands of big government?

"Government" is not a body that exist without its people. It doesn't exist without you and you must always accept its realization otherwise it simply ceases to exist. No matter how big the statues or the impressive buildings - It's you and I for which it stands.

When laws are made which transfers wealth and power away from the people into the same hands which created the laws - You can be sure the nature of the law is morally unjust.

The law in question: [1, 2, 3]


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