Day of the Dead

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CatrinasAll around the world the dead are being celebrated and remembered on this day. Indigenous cultures have long known that death is just one more rite of passing and that we should remember the dead as those who's gone before us to another place.

In various places of the world people are gathering and remembering their loved ones. All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, Samhain, Hallowmas are all themes from the same idea.

In the western world many have a strange and scary relationship to death and dying. We often prolong the rite of dying way pass what's necessary, we try to hold on to life because we have been told that we should fear the unknown. Death is as much part of living as life is part of death. It's part of the Sacred Hoop as described by people from old cultures.

What you could do today

Remember those who has lived before you. Think and talk about the lives of your ancestors. Invite them in for one day to share and celebrate among those who remembers them. Do it with happiness. Don't be afraid and know that dying is natural and shouldn't be feared, no mater what anyone has told you.

Spend this day in celebration with your ancestors.

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