Don't go chasing after Ascension

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If you are waiting for ET:s going to take you into outer space and then turning you into some kind of star-being. You are destined for disappointments and perhaps a harsh awakening.

Ascension, as in the beliefs that there are certain rare individuals that will "ascend into Heaven" by technology or by the help of starbeings is a belief system which mixes religious and mystical sayings and then twists their messages into meaning something they didn't do in the first place.

Ascension to or with ET:s are at best an misunderstanding, at worst it's a deception to get you beliving in lies.

Try and picture the real world around you ..

Everything you ever needed have always been right here where you are. You might not understand it where you are right now, but you have always been "ascended" and really the only thing that's wrong is your idea that you aren't.

There are many reasons why most don't understand our true nature but the most important thing to do is not debating various reasons and questions. The important knowledge lies in your awakening to what is.

The knowledge or Gnosis which I'm taking about has to do with realization that you already are what you've been looking for. But you are not the crown of creation - you are the creation, together as one with everything that exists.

Don't look for heaven above, instead worry about why you don't find it where you already are! Mother Earth is your birthplace. The Earth Mother have already provided you with everything you need as to find out what you are and is patiently awaiting your awakening.

Talks about "Ascension" where ET:s are going to take you into space and then somehow "help you" into becoming something you are supposedly missing or have lost.. -  Is a misleading fantasy, designed to make you chasing after illusions.

Do you want proof?

Go into the night, stand alone watching and listening to the sounds of nature. Feel what's happening around you. Be still and just rest quietly where you are while paying attention to everything around you.

While doing so - open your heart and take in the loving voice of Mother Earth.

When you feel ready. Ask the night around you: Do I need to go somewhere as to become complete? Or am I already where I'm suppose to be.

Then be still in the heart and listen.

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