Fighting with Yourself

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Shoot yourself in the footI still find myself fighting the dream in which I also struggle so hard to wake up from. This way I engage more with the dream while I simultaneously is trying to escape from it. This is stupid isn't it?

No one can run and fight at the same time. That way you would effectively just be standing still. And isn't this just what we often find ourself doing? Pointlessly struggling while we try to escape and just end up experiencing more of the feeling that we are somehow drowning.

In serious martial arts much of the teaching concerns how not to fight. And if we do find ourself in a fight we need to do it as little as possible. If you can make your opponent fight himself, you always win.

Life works the same way. If you work against the flow of life, you always loose. Our way of thinking is our biggest enemy, somehow we often cant get it into our head how to stop struggling with our own mind.

It's like a gardener who wants to have a beautiful garden, but he never grows anything because he cant make his mind up on what to sow.

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