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The world how we percive it is constructed by laws. The rules we base and govern our lives by today, are the laws that come out of ancient times.

The important laws are hidden away and their existence are not taught in schools. For a long time have this knowledge only been taught through secret societies and occult practices. But if you know where to look the knowledge have always been out there for anyone to study. (For instance, look up Jordan Maxwell or Winston Shrout). Added later: Look to bottom of article for links.

Laws of Commerce - Maritime law, Admiralty Law are perhaps the laws which have been made to impact our lives in the most evil and sinister ways. These clandestine laws have turned people into commodities that can be purchased and owned like any other object. In fact, the feudal society which was based on "divine right" have never gone away, it's just been hidden away out of sight.

The Mystical Origin

These laws derive their powers out of cosmic universal laws. Knowable beings do their best as to understand how the cosmos is built and what really governs it. And they use this knowledge either to flow with it or they use it as a tool in order to Rule. The Cosmos itself does not make moral judgment, it simply is as it is. Tao.

The cosmic laws which often are used in a morally questionable way are the laws which in essence state that: Law is right. And that right can be taken, given or purchased.

Cosmic law is total mysticism. And it is extremely important that you realize that it doesn't matter if you understand it or not. Because if you don't understand the law, you simply live by it. The law governs how the world runs. And only if you understand the Law, can you claim power over yourself.


Your freedom must first be realized before it is!

Those that doesn't understand what the law does, inevitable ends up giving away their power to those who understand the nature of the law and exploits it for their own selfish purposes.

Everything begins with you taking power over yourself. And if you don't - your power can be claimed by the ones that know how to claim it.

We can liken it to if a given power claims ownership over something (anybody) that has not yet been claimed before. Like a patent or perhaps an uncharted territory. If uncontested then all the rights to it are automatically given to the claimant.

The way the Law is used as a method to rule others:

Your own will is the key to your freedom. Like a Lion you are free if you choose not to be enslaved. But if you give up that right, you are no longer a lion. And then what are you? The truth is that you then become whatever your owner says that you are. You can be given a name, a value and perhaps a purpose.

..And like a 'house cat' can you be bought and sold as a commodity. Remember that Freedom comes with no name, no number and no cost. It simply Is a stated Fact.

For someone to willingly give up their freedom and doing so without actually realizing what is happening, have been proven easiest to do by imposing upon them an imaginary debt for simply being born.

If somebody can be made into believing that they owe something to someone, then by their own consent - they have powers over you, since you accept the debt by not refusing it. Meaning that you don't claim your freedom and absolute rights to yourself.

Being unwillingly in debt can be the same as being a slave by consent. The Powers That Be have wrongfully made people think that they somehow owe something out of nothing. And it doesn't matter if what they do is morally wrong, by consenting to the debt you effectively give away your rights to the claimant.. - This way you become a slave and often you don't even know it.

A glimmer of The Key

The Game is RiggedBut you might think: - How can anyone be so stupid as to agree to be a slave out of a common debt?

Think about it. Don't you try everyday as everybody everywhere to settle your debt? And does not the debt make you behave in a certain way? Haven't it been said: ".. but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

- This is the Key. Your debt thinking makes you do things.. It turns you on an basic energetic level from a free Lion into a common house cat.

To Awaken to what is, means to understand who you really are. Your own thoughts about yourself governs not only your idea of the world, it really governs who you are and what happens to you.

The Law is your Will

I have tried to point towards some of the mysticism behind how the world is being ruled. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The real deal is Mysticism and nothing else. Don't be fooled into thinking that you can grasp the inner meaning of The Law by using your left brain..

Come to terms with the fact that your life up to now is not real. It has been wrongfully claimed by a self-proclaimed ruling elite. People have been unknowingly turned into commodities because of their own ineptitude to claim the rights to themselves..

But no more!

The Law that really matters is the metaphysical or cosmic law that all is based upon. The Bible, The Torah and others are all the interpreted cosmic laws which have been written down. And laws of Commerce really are based on these laws.

We all need to regard ourselves as sovereign and free persons which have been wrongfully made to believe that we are in debt as to give up our rights to ourselfs. Start to claim back the rights to your own life and in turn you can also claim back everything that has been stolen from you.

By becoming free you give yourself the right under Cosmic Law to be anything that you want.

And If I could suggest: Let us all start with claiming back what have been taken from us..

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