Government - It's really all about "Bad Tomatoes"

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US THE TOMATOES!Government always tries to argue that it has some meaning in itself. That it has weight and value and therefore it needs to be taken seriously and to be respected.

But the reality is that government has absolutely no value in itself. Without people sustaining it there is no governing. It can not exist and operate without people to help it exist.

Now, lets think about it in terms of Tomatoes

Let's say you and I were part of a bunch of tomatoes. We all hang around together with some friends and generally just try to enjoy life as much as we can. And maybe catch a little sun while we're at it.

The Bad Tomatoe..Suddenly, out of nowhere, there's this Bad Tomato.. And he says that we all should try and get organized. He starts saying that we shouldn't all just hang around and not get anything done! We all need to work together, and build stuff and then work some more. Or else there's like anarchy and stuff and grrrr more bad stuff and yeah, more of that! .. .. (wtf?)

The plot..

Naive and a little stupid as we tomatoes are we start to listen to this one bad tomato. Not many started to think and investigate for themselves if all the stuff the bad tomato pointed out were actually true. Even fewer thought about the fact that most was actually fine until the bad tomato turned up and pointed out how bad stuff really were.

And sure enough, soon the nice but gullible tomatoes started to follow the advice from the bad tomato. Even if most of them actually knew deep down in their gushy gut that it was wrong..

Now, you might think that some of us would point out to the others that we could just go back and simply hang together and have us a good time? And of course some of us did and still do!

But then there also this effin' bad tomato who now starts to tell everybody that the freedom-loving damn hippy tomato should shut the hell up and that the rest need to stop listening to him because he's obviously up to no good!

In fact, the bad tomato started to secretly tell the nice law abiding tomatoes that they should start accepting some new rules so these troublemaker-tomatoes doesn't bother us anymore..

And gullible as tomatoes often are, most of them simply obeyed the bad tomato and little by little they all turned over their power to that one effin' tomato!

Tomato fight!

Now lets get back to the real world for a minute.

If you haven't realized it yet:

- We don't have to give our power away to the few bad tomatoes out there. Just think about it for one short minute. IF it all were for the best, WHY DOES IT ALL KEEP GETTING WORSE!?

You have to agree that either the world is a terrible place and that all the humans must be some kind human formed viruses, like many of the bad tomatoes tries to tell you.. Or, it could simply be part of an elaborate lie they tell the "tomatoes" to get them to keep the bad tomatoes in charge. 

Think about it please? We, the people have all the power. The bad tomatoes only gets to govern the people by the power that we ourselves agree to equip them with.

The good dr. makes a valid point:

Ron Paul

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