Learning to wait

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Julia Margaret Cameron I wait

When you ask. Ask your questions humbly. Stand firm with attention and with as steady and clear voice you can muster up; ask your question.

Our culture makes us into consumers which idolize accumulating which takes and takes and doesn't even understand what it does to us. Mindless consuming is when you immediately start to think of the next thing you will consume when you've devoured whatever just came in your way. If you don't pay attention to what you are doing or instead is already thinking of the next thing you're going to do. Slow down, your mind is racing.

Stop for a while and listen. Don't ask to soon for what, if you don't know how to listen. Pay attention and wait.

There is a saying which goes: The teacher will appear when the student is ready. This quote can be further elaborated: If you think you are ready, then you are not ready. If you were, you wouldn't be the student. When you are ready, there comes the teacher.

Arrogance can be a great obstacle but also a great lesson when understood. In this video Sri H.W.L. Poonja or Papaji which he was lovingly called by his devotes, gave this lesson.

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