Let's put our heads together and think for a moment..

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This is such a lot of bullshit that I can't stand it anymore. This "Salusa" crap is getting on my nerves. And I don't get angered easily.

Now, try and look at the bigger picture. First, we all want peace and we all want what is right. We do not want more wars, we just want to live free without poverty and debt. And the so called leaders of the world can all go and showe it..

BUT what's being said here in this channeling resembles a got damn hostage situation.

THINK about what you are reading! If this is a hoax, which I'm personally betting on, this is complete and utter nonsense. If this is supposedly going to "help us", you are asked to trust this condescending masterminding BS like it's the saviors of the galaxy coming to help the Earth..

Have you learn nothing from past missionaries, armies, UN, NATO and covert operations coming to "save and liberating" people around the world? Are you going to blindly accept any crap just because it's being packaged with words like "Dear Ones", "Divine", "Ascension", "we are empowered by God" and the likes of it.

I mean come on! At least look for a small shred of proof before you blindly accept this channeling messages as some kind of truth.

.. "Last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands."

.. oh please.



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