Our joint paths - Interesting and optimistic developments

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If you know anything about what's going on, you have heard of David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Drake, Neil Keenan, Keith Scott, The coalition among nations, the Lien and the list goes on..

If you haven't then you are in for a treat.

The cabal is real. And only if you are doped up on stupidity and ignorance can you ignore the facts that it actually seems that the new world order will soon become the old world order.

The long roadThose who have seen the future knows that there are several possibilities. Consciousness is simply expressing a view of reality and as more and more people/life share the view it 'becomes' the shared experience, or in other words: A reality. But it can never be the only one.

In this regard we all share and co-create the future and always has been. Only more recently have more and more sleeping sheeple on this earth woken up and realized that they indeed have endless possibilities and that they need to act if they want change. But never should they only rely on others to act on their behalf.

The lie is the idea that lifeforms has simply an exterior and that it is this exterior that reacts to other things, and in turn these reactions bump into and create other stuff and down that road is where we get all the cool and uncool stuff in our lives.. 

Well, if your idea of life on earth is very narrow, then your experience will be just as narrow. But to become more has little to do with all of a sudden becoming Superman or Wonder woman. The idea of putting a label on awakening is part of the lie.

You really only have one way to go. And this is your own way. You decide everything.

The future?

But to know what really is, doesn't necessarily means that you need to sit down on your ass and simply be. Whatever you do, is your own choice. Don't accept stupid notions that awakening should mean this or that. You always decide, it's your awakening. But as I've said, you need to go down this road on your own.

But if we so choose, our future can be very happy. We don't have to live in this insane asylum that we call society anymore.

We are deciding our future on several dimensional levels. But we need to come to a conclusion. The more that chooses, the higher the possibility for this reality to be a bright and happy one. Please choose that!

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