Prison of the Mind

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Humans are the only species that pay to live on the Earth

Our life's are so messed up that we cling to anything, fearing that things could only get worse if we let go. And it doesn't seem to matter even if we know it's crazy, we do it anyhow. That's the reason we don't allow ourselves to think big, free and awake. Sometimes we are so afraid of change, since change has lied to us so many times before, that we feel anxiety to even think about something different.

If you identify with your physical body you become easy to imprison. You are like a bird in a cage, you don't have room to fly so how can you grow? But if you become a prisoner inside your own mind. You don't even need a cage. Since you don't even realize you have wings.

Don't take this as a message of doom and gloom. Instead it's a wake up call. People only showing you the dark will make you become lost, and people who tell you to only look towards the light, are the ones making you blind. We don't become stupid or mad by opening our eyes, but we become dangerously unbalanced by focusing to much either way. The world strives towards balance. So should you.

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