Protests, Chicago NATO Summit, The Occult and the Solar Eclips

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NATO is an old remnant and a relic from the days of the cold war. It's a real abomination and pure old world order stuff. Like the UN, it's a tool used to intimidate and scare people into submission wherever it's being deployed.

The summit in Chicago was a farce. When I was looking at it live via livestream during the eclipse, it was apparently clear that they were trying to escalate the situation towards a violent confrontation and pushing it to happen during the actual time of the solar eclipse.

You could feel the tension building up to a crescendo where the real intention was to bring the house down.. Now, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not consider the individual police officers at the protest to be simply all bad guys. As well as I do not see all the protesters to be just little angels. Both sides had their fair share of assholes as well as instigators. And they were all used and controlled, trying to fuel another wave to push forward the police state.

The whole situation was meant to escalate into violence and for the whole situation to blow up during the eclipse. The mainstream TV had a massive coverage of the protests. You could see what took place from every angle and it seemed - on every news station on TV.

Just as you might think they would plan it, if they were hoping for bloodshed and violence and that everyone should see it..

But it didn't happen like that. It didn't become another 9/11. So far the forces of good have been able to stand against the malevolence and dispersed off the negative energies.

Below are footage from the demonstrations in Chicago. (I wasn't able to record and I haven't been able to find a video covering the protests during the minutes of the actual eclipse. If you find one please leave a link in the comment section. It was quite disturbing.)

The Bigger Picture

We all need to ask ourselves what we associate this imagery with. When we see Röhm's SA troops or "Brownshirts" from the 1930th's walking down our streets in 2012, then what have become of our society? And where are we heading?

Could it be that they are trying to force history bending over backwards to repeat itself in front of our eyes. Because history sure as hell ain't doing it voluntarily. There are protesting and work done everywhere trying to prevent it!

People are rising up and shouting NO MORE and we might not see much off it yet on mainstream media, but that doesn't mean that it isn't happening. You just have to turn off your TV and it's all there..

(Notice the blue UN helmets..)

Don't be fooled because it says "police" on their uniforms. They don't deserve being called Police men or Peace officers. These guys with their baceball bats and gang-outfits are common thugs and mercenaries.


So, where do we remember seeing this before?

Oh, yes. In every fascist dictatorship that has ever been. The most famous one were of course, Hitlers Third Reich. The signs to their intention are everywhere and can not be disputed if we don't want to take the road to stupid.

Brownshirts from the 1930s..

The big difference today is that so many off us have woken up! Everywhere you can see protesting being done by real people and together they are not afraid to speak out. This is called "waking up", if you didn't know it.. ;)

Chicago protesting

(Say hi to your grandma guys. Make her proud.)

Grandma protesting

The future?

We don't know exactly what's going to happen. But we can sure all work together trying to make it as bright and happy as possible!

Work together

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