Doing a Shamanic Outdoor Sitting

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An interesting way of shamanic learning which can be both an profound adventure as well as moving spiritual experience is doing an outdoor Sitting in nature, also known as "Utesittning" in the northern tradition or "Vision Quest" in Native American cultures.

First off you need to understand that it is very important to recognize that this is a spiritual practice and a way of meditation and should not be taken lightly. So do it because it means something important and research the traditions of doing a sitting before you do.

Doing a sitting is way to commit and get closer with Mother Earth. It is often also done as to find help and to dig deep within ourselves to find new ways out of problems. Traditionally, sittings have been used to get first hand teachings, find relief from spiritual deceases and answers to other important questions.

It's a way to open one's perception to the sacred and cross the gap to the spirit world as to understand what the spirits can tell you.

Best thing is to find a knowledgeable shaman in your area to help and guide you with your sitting, or at least you need to have the assistance of a good friend who you trust and who does not get scared easily. Don't do this alone.

Search for a good place where you can do a shamanic sitting during one night with the intention to get first hand knowledge and insight about a particular question or problem you are serious about. Don't just go out and sit somewhere.. Bring a serious intention with you. The spirits doesn't want to played with. ;)

Find a good spot in the woods where there are not many wild animals (safety first). Plan to sit outside during a whole night. Build a fire if you feel that you should or are ordered to by the shaman.. Don't bring other stuff then things you need in order to keep you warm and safe. Remember that this is not to feel like outdoor camping. For instance, normally you do a sitting when the weather is not that cold, and because it's not cold you don't need a tent if you dress warm. Try and think about your own safety but don't bring stuff you don't really need. Most important don't be stupid.

Before you do your sitting: Ask the surroundings where you plan to sit to help you with guidance and advice with the intentions you have in mind. If you get a positive reply then you are set to go. (It's not the easiest thing to know if you get a positive reply, so having a shaman there to help you is a good advice! But if you somehow don't feel instinctively welcome on the spot - Do not sit there! Move on, or reschedule until you find the right place.)

When you are ready: Come out to the place where you are going sit together with your friend, the reason being is so he/she knows exactly where you are because of safety concerns. Please don't ask a friend who you do not really trust to accompany you out or to help during a sitting. This is no time to play. Your friend need to be as serious as you are and never, ever play games with a person doing a sitting. It's absolutely forbidden and could go horrible wrong. To be a helper is a sacred trust, do not breach your trust.

So when you are out there and everything seems fine then your friend need to go back and leave you alone for the night. You are to sit there alone during the whole stay and not until you are brought back in the morning are you to leave your spot. If you because of some emergency need to leave your place, always leave some kind of instructions behind so they know what has happened and can go find you.

When you are finished, always leave the place as you found it. And remember to thank it for the teachings and blessings you've received.

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