How to ask for a Power Song

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It's from our viewpoint the world becomes solid and objects around us are viewed in separation to everything else. The perceived world is constructed out of our own consciousness and thereby transformed into a personal view of reality.
By questioning our own feelings of separation with the world, we can sometimes begin to understand that underneath it all, things are actually quite different..


Everything is vibration. Rocks, trees, water, thoughts, dreams, hope, fear, love is vibration.

Modern science have just recently found out what mystics, yogis, shamans and occultists have known for a very long time. It is sometimes called super string theory. It's a concept that exists in mathematical formulas which even the scientists themselves says borderlines to the metaphysical.

As everything is really built out of a state of vibration, the key to it all is to come into tune with that vibration ...


'Aum' is the most common known mantra which is said to be the closest way we can perceive The Sound of the Universe. It is the song of creation.

The Power Song

A song of power is an entity of its own, it has a soul and has life. Once you sing it it starts to feel like it sings itself and then you know it's a real power song! Remember that if it feels like the song is only meant to be sung by you, then don't sing the song for anyone else.

There are many reasons why you want to know a song of power. By singing it you connect to the spirit of the song and the power expressed within it comes into you. When you sing it, it makes you stronger and fills you with strength. I encourage you to experiment to see where the song can be used. It it feels right then you are doing it right.

To ask for a song

First see to that you are alone or if you are part of a group then it's great if you do it together. It can get loud but it's a great feeling standing in the midst of all that power, believe me.

It is preferred that the room is dimly lit, just enough light so that people don't step on each other. Remain standing and close your eyes so that you can only see the outline of things and people around you. If you have a rattle then begin rattling at a slow steady rhythm. Later on you might feel that you want to change rhythm and then please feel free to do so.

Bend your knees just a little to make sure you are comfortable and not tense. Open your mouth as you were about to start speaking. When you're ready start making sounds with your mouth and throat without judging. Let your inner feeling guide you right. Experiment and actively invite the spirit of the power song to come and let it sing through you when it’s ready. It can take a little while but it will come to you. Once you feel the urge to sing then don’t hold back and don’t overdo it, let it come naturally! It is only expected that it starts out small and then grows on its own.

A power song can sound like anything. Often it has only a few syllables and doesn’t even sound like  normal words. At least not words in English. It is often repetitive and feels easy and powerful to sing to the person singing it.

Once the power song is singing you - then continue to sing it as long as it feels right. Dance to its rhythm if you want to and keep rattling, drumming etc. When you feel that you are done then sit down and remain quiet until everyone are finished.

Remember to thank the song for coming to you before you break the circle.

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