Real progress take Real actions

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If you have hindrances inside of you blocking you from becoming whatever you feel you're supposed to be - then you need to face it and stare it in the eye. And one's you've seen it, faced it and taken care of it. You MUST leave it. I doesn't matter if you face your fear a million times, if you persist to carry your troubles with you then you never really faced and overcame them.


To understand the next part you need to watch the short video below.

But first, in this video Tobias Lars Gunnar explains that demons and whatnot are part of our inner self's. I respect those views and have heard them often but I don't necessarily always agree. My views are that we do have our own inner ghosts and fears which sometimes also materialize to us. But there are also other entities which exists without our participation.

This video holds a refreshing, uplifting message. Not the easy, prepackaged self help designed to boost the ego, but the real deal speaking to the human being we all are.

We can not get to the bottom with our own real issues without first staring into our inner void. It's from what we learn about ourselves, even if it scares us sometimes, that we also have the potential to grow and heal.

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