Peter offers services in areas such as:

  • Transformative shamanic healing for persons experiencing spiritual and emotional problems.
  • Traditional shamanic soul retrieval, power animal retrieval as well as guidance and advice on working with spirit teachers.
  • Help with lost and troublesome spirits, making peace with the past and spiritual cleansing.
  • Shamanic self-defense, guidance and advice on how to create a safe living space.
  • Interpretations and guidance on working with dreams. 
  • Arts, lucky charms, medicine bags, powerobjecs etc.
  • Root work, oils for luck and magickal use, candle magick, blessings etc.
  • Courses and workshops for both basic and advanced practitioners.


How I work is not always static, instead I'll do what works best in the current situation. But in general, it often works well to begin like this: 

  • First we will discuss what you need help with.
  • If I can help, we will discuss my compensation and you can then proceed and order.
  • Before we start I will explain what you can expect and what is going to be done.
  • Afterwards we will discuss what has happened and your experiences and you are welcome to contact me later on if you have more questions. 


Contact me for a discussion.

My ethical view

You set your own limit. This means that I will ask for permission for what I will do. I want you to feel that you have control over the situation and know that nothing that is carried out is aimed to put you in danger or in a unpleasant situation. Instead I aim so that everything should feel as safe and pleasant for the client as possible.


Understand that I'm not a licensed medical doctor or psychiatrist and nothing on these pages should be considered as medical advice. (If you are in need of help from these practices then you need to go and visit those who do that.) I teach, heal and advice from a shamanic and spiritual point of view. What I practice and teach comes out of my personal experiences and are gathered knowledge from Mother Earth and Spirit. And as in life there will be no guarantees or promises regarding the content on this site. It is important that you yourself consider and evaluates the content on these pages and don't take anything for granted.


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Privacy is very concerned about your privacy and security. We will never sell or transfer private information given by customers/clients to a third party. Likewise, any photos that a client has provided for our services are always deleted from the database after the services are concluded.

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About ..

This webpage is a place where mysticism meets worldly matters and holy thoughts and principles share space with humor and irony. Here you will find teachings, commentary and journals, often from a spiritual and shamanic viewpoint.

My Services

I work with healing and counselling, host shamanic courses, meetups and do community building. If you have ideas, questions, comments then send me a message. Also see my about-page and read about my ethical views and my disclaimer.