Serving the calling and doing the soul searching

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Is there something as a spiritual calling or have we watched to many movies? I believe there is. People from all walks of life make choices which leads them down a spiritual path. Does this also mean it can be part of a higher spiritual calling? I believe so. But sometimes a persons view of spirituality can be more a part of an adventure and something they do for kicks rather then being honest soul searching.

Media has to carry much of the blame. In media your soul gets advertised like a product which is perhaps meant to be pampered during a weekend of spiritual indulgence. But if we treat our inner essence as something as easily categorized as buying a new car or visiting a spa, then we reduce ourselves to material objects. And even if the brochures promises us happiness there can only be emptiness when our memories starts to fade away when Monday arrives.

The soul can never be likened to an object which is meant to be taken care of by you during spiritual adventures. You are a spiritual being momentarily blinded by too many distractions to fully understand that it is actually the other way around.

By the Sea

Papaji says: "Your nature is Silence" and urges us to keep quiet and not seek it. And why should we argue? The mind is full of noises and all they do is help to make more noises.

We can't find anything true if we are too caught up in the noises in the mind. But this doesn't mean to me that the answer to life is to block out that which makes the most noise. Or to try and deafen the noises by draining them with distractions. That would be the equivalent of putting on headphones with loud music when there's a fire in our house. Instead this means to not keep listening or doing that which makes the heart and mind, deaf and blind.

Therefore it's important to keep doing that soul searching. Keep questioning actions and ideas. Don't get too happy with the results since this leads to arrogance. It's common in western spiritual circles to search after being comfortable and content rather than to try and shed illusions of the self. Many see spiritual growth as almost a feeling of being satisfied in the belly.

Question everything which is depicted as healthy and good by media. Because chances are this is nothing but product placement and advertisement. Your experience of being a human be-ing can't be bought or sold to you. It is what you are. And the more you chase after it, the more noises and distractions you need to shed. All the while there you are, always present. Ready to be found by yourself.

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