"Shamans" being afraid of plant spirits and gifts from Mother Earth

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I'm reading posts made by scared colleagues about Entheogens on Facebook. And realizing how many "shamanicly inclined" people it's out there which are so very scared of what they don't understand.

(Firstly I want to point out that in this post I am strictly talking about the religious use of Entheogens practiced by experienced Shamans. Do not confuse this topic with something else or generalize.)

I don't mind shamans not wanting to have anything to do with Entheogens simply because they differ in opinions, or perhaps it's cultural or simply because it's not "their thing". It's OK, we all have our own paths that we need to walk. But don't pretend to know anything about it if you are not willing to learn. Then it is better to remain honorably quiet.

It's especially important not to try and silence other shamans who knows the Spirits of plants and can talk to Mother Earth like some shamans have done in this way since the beginning of time. These are plant spirits we are talking about here, and its practices are holy and ancient, and if you know what this is then you wouldn't be so quick judging it.
But sometimes I am wondering if some people really do talk to spirits? How else can they be so quick to judge spiritual work so negatively? Even if in their particular way of practicing shamanism this is not their thing - we are still talking about exchange and communications with Spirits.

And besides, haven't we seen enough censorship and book burning in the world to not wanting to go down that path again and again?

Scared people are often willing to silence others because it makes them calm if everybody behaves "normal" and if no one says anything that could upset. But trying to be normal doesn't matter in the long run. If you are scared inside you can't become free unless you confront the fear.

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