A simple test of Fear - How brave are you really?

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Draw an imaginary line around yourself. Imagine that within this circle are all the things that you would dare to do on your own.

What would you put inside your own circle?

  • Skydiving?
  • Singing in public?
  • Walking alone in the woods at night?
  • Kissing a stranger?
  • ..?

Now think about a friend

Think about someone in your life that you know and like. Now make an imaginary circle around your friend and think about the things that you yourself just thought about doing. Try and imagine if your friend would dare to do the very same things?

Now think about other things that your friend would dare to do. What would you put inside your friends circle? It might be different things from what you have in your circle. ..We are not all equally brave..

What would your friend dare to do?

  • Leaving a job and do something else?
  • Petition something unjust?
  • Complain over bad food in posh restaurant?
  • Travel alone to another country?
  • ..?

Now, put both your own and your friends stuff inside one big imaginary circle. Consider all the various things that you and your friend would dare to do on your own.

Now lets think about what you would dare to do if you could do it together with your friend.

If you weren't alone. If it always was you and a friend. And if you trusted each other enough. I bet the both of you would dare to do anything..!


Fear goes away when you are with friends. Try and remember this when you are up against something hard and feel alone or afraid. Fear is not absolute. Fear only exists inside the mind.

It can be chased away completely by something as easy, as simply not feeling alone.


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