Some thoughts on suicide and problems in life

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I imagine many people are going through real hardship and questioning if it's ever going to get any better. My feeling is that it will most definitely get better. We're moving into something new and like anything that haven't been experienced before, you just have to ride it out and see where it all ends up. Just hang in there is what I want to say.

And on the metaphysical side: It is a difficult time. Your not just imagining things, there are lots of bad energy, vibes and creatures around. Not everything is soaked in it, but right now it's sometimes hard to know what's what. Best thing is just to keep healthy, to eat organic fresh food and to do fun and nice things. Don't go overboard with your magical or energy exercises right now. Instead, just keep cool and grounded.

Don't struggle. You should always try and enjoy yourself. Even when it looks like there couldn't possible be anything at all to be happy about. Look around you, there might be something or someone to connect to.


I found this great video made by a really funny guy, I think he calls himself Boogie. This particular video is on a serious topic, but check out his other videos to, he's real funny.

In this video he talks about suicide and I thought he said some things really well. So check it out or perhaps send it along to someone who could benefit by watching it.

It sometimes feels hard but remember that we are all related: "Mitakuye Oyasin". This is whats in-store for us. To understand this. And we're getting there.

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