Spot the false Channelers

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It would be nice if everyone worked for truth and good. But they are not, are they? It's quite obvious if we look around us.

Let's break down some of the usual content being spread through channeling. I'm not pointing towards any channeler in particular, nor am I using anything but commonsense when spotting false channeling.

Let's start. These are the signs you should look out for when confronted with channelers. ..In no particular order:

Does the message come packaged with lots of "ifs"?

If the promises made comes with things you need to do in return before you "get it" or "get something". If you have to do this and that before you can taste the sweet fruits of what's being promised. Then you need to think long and hard if you are actually receiving anything at all.

Does the message or messenger leave you drained of energy?

If these so called "high beings" of love and light which supposedly evolved into something great leaves you with a feeling of energy loss. You need to question both the message and its messenger. You don't want to be in business with a energy vampire.

Does the message use unnecessary distracting and "beautiful" wordings?

If the message itself is getting lost in the "beautiful and colorful analogies", you should take extra care to analyze what's actually being said. It's nice to read poetry, but if you are asked to sign something you probably want it in plain English.

The message can't be understood

If you have to be an insider or almost a channeler yourself to be able and understand the meaning of the message. Consider if the message really seems to have any meaning to begin with..

Is everything about you oh so special?

It's nice to hear a compliment about how intelligent and insightful we are. But if every message is draped in language which makes you feel like you probably are an angel in disguise. And thank God you meet this person because he/she sure makes you feel special in every way..! - Then please look out! This is the oldest trick in the book. Most people starts to pay close attention if the car salesman sugarcoats the deal too much..

Do they deliver?

If they promise miracles and wonderful things - then keep track of what they say! If they don't deliver then obviously this would be reasons for concern.
Remember the saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Are you a slow thinker?

If you feel you are being swept away with the magic of the situation. Then put your foot on the breaks. If the message is good today, it is damn sure going to be just as great tomorrow.

We're here to help!

Super beings posing as saviors are not what I personally would say is a good thing. I would rather meet a being out of mutual respect. It's not that I'm Mr Cranky, but let's get to know each other first before I'll accept "you" as the Messiah..

Always listen to your own heart

We have great a intuition, use it!

♪ ♫ .. .Fly me to the moon.. ♫ ♩

Some channelers and "starbeings" seems to enjoy making amazing promises where you get to ride spaceships and travel to other solar systems and other wonderful things. And you know what.., as amazing as this would be..! It's like your momma said when you were young: If a stranger stops you on the curve and offers sweets and asks you to take a ride with them in the car ... You think it would be wise to accept it? Just like that?!


A Follow Up:

Are you looking for "Ascension"? Then first read my post: Don't go chasing after Ascension.

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