The Stream

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Captain AhabWhile we struggle with religious beliefs and trying to determine which way is right and which might be wrong. Everything keeps on going and we're in there with it. Our view on life comes out of the current perspective we have. If we change perspective our life changes with it.

We can try and control and change the constructs of life to match our beliefs and dreams, or we can go with it. And let it take us along wherever it wants us to go. We are apart of life whether we understand it or not, so we havent got much to loose by giving up control. We only just think we are in control anyway.

We're all in this great stream of change which we call life. We are the stream! If you imagine you're separate from it and that you are being carried along by it as you were a cork, that's a delusion. You are a wave of the stream itself. - Alan Watts

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