The life and genius of Viktor Schauberger

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Right up there with "unknown" scientists such as the genius Nicola Tesla comes the Austrian forester/forest warden, philosopher and inventor Viktor Schauberger.

During my own shamanic experiences with the Entheogen teacher Ayahuasca, I was once shown in many dimensions how the cosmos moves in a forever ongoing wave. Contracting and expanding while also being in a spiral motion moving both centripetal and centrifugal.
Victor Schauberger saw the underlining pattern in the universe coming out off two polarities. He watched how water swirled and moved naturally in streams and creeks. By observing how natural free-flowing water always turns in a tightening or growing vortex-pattern, he formulated ideas where the polarities which can be seen in nature in the spiral pattern is the necessity for life. Life grows in the upward, expanding spiral and deteriorates and lessens in the opposite downward spiral. He saw that in nature both forces always works together in harmony creating the foundation for life.

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Sadly Schaubergers knowledge and genius became a threat to the prevailing powers in society with its corporate ideologies and Victor Schauberger died broken, in despair. His patents and lifework was signed over under threat and coercion to men who buried that which could only be used for good and exploited the rest for greed and destruction.

Schauberger tried to use his knowledge to better the world and build inventions to improve the quality of life as well as educate others on how to live and thrive in harmony with nature. It's important to understand that Viktor Schauberger was able to prove both principles with success.

Documentary: Nature Was My Teacher, The Vision of Victor Schauberger

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