The Machine Intelligence of Man?

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You wake up in the morning and immediately your mind goes into overdrive and starts shouting important things to that you can not afford to forget.

It's like turning on a switch and the mind starts puking out instructions and thoughts that you seem to have little or no control over.

But, of course the little things in life like shopping, keeping appointments, making payments, social interactions are to important to be regarded as nothing less then a matter of life and death. And everybody agrees, yes?

If you were a machine intelligence - would you act any differently?

The truth of the matter is that you think very much like a machine. It's only when you step away from the programming that you think individually and subjectively.

It's all about programming you know? And you can stop and change - if you dare to think differently. That is, if your not happy being like a machine?

Unplug your mind

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