The Most Important Lesson You Will Ever Learn

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Here it is. This is the lesson you have come here to learn. I'm going to share with you the most important truism about yourself that you will probably hear. Although it's extremely simple, people spend lifetimes trying to grasp this. And people have been killed trying to spread this knowledge.

You can think of this knowledge as only reading the last chapter of a book. Reading this you're going to learn how the story ends: "And who the killer is".
But this might not mean you understand how it came about. This is the gamecheat that takes you directly to the boss.

But before we start. I don't want you to think that just because the answer is simple that it also means it's easy to grasp. Chances are you won't understand the meaning of what I'm about to say. And it has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with what you can percive through your soul. Your brain might even try and disregard it as something unimportant because your mind has been trained to see only that which it regards as understandable.

So without further ado. Here it is:

The Most Important Lesson You Will Ever Learn

It's all about you. You're the end-product. Nothing you do is ever as important - as being you. It's only ever about you. Nothing that you or someone else can produce can even be worth a millionth-, millionth-, millionth- times as much as a mere second in your life when you are you.

Your life is about you experiencing yourself. But it is NOT about what might come out of this "experience". Your own life and everybody else's lifes are about experiencing an experience. And extremely low in terms of worth is what might come out "as a effect" from this experience.

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: World factoryAn example: Think of a big factory. This factory is known throughout the Universe for its supreme greatness. Imagine if you will that this extremely big, super modern, amazingly complicated factory produces something that we might call: World Creator Mashines. And with just one of these amazing machines can someone manufacture out of thin air a Whole Brand New World! Complete with live animals, mountains, rivers, air, forests and everything else (Just like in the Douglas Adams novel).

Now imagine a particular person in this great factory. A maintenence guy who just started working there. Let's call him Ralph.

The truth is that the experience Ralph has being Ralph every day is immensly more important then whatever great stuff this factory can ever produce. Of course it's great that the factory produces such unbelievable useful machines! But it can never be as important in comparison to Ralph being Ralph. And it doesn't matter how many people are involved in the process of creating worlds. Your life is about you experiencing yourself. And before anything else, this is what matters. NOTHING can compare to this experience in terms of worth. And everything produced always comes as a effect from you experiencing you.

Now take the ideas of "worth" and apply it to everything we know about the world we live in. Think about how the world is governed and the "rules and laws" that have been made up which are currently used to rule the world. How many of these laws and rules are really important? Never mind how many laws which are fair and produces something good..

Almost everything in the world which is normally perceived as important and of value is really worth anything besides the imaginary worth applied to it by consensus. Everything that really matters and of real value has to do about the experience of being you. The rest is secondary. Can you imagine if the laws of the world would be chosen out of how well they help to create the best possible environment imaginable for living beings experiencing themselves..

Understanding what real worth is about also means that we can choose to do great things while being ourselves. One truism does not trump another. To me part of realizing what life is about is to understand that we can become whatever we want. I personally choose to live wisely, co-existing in happiness with everything else. I enjoy being human.

Please take this knowledge into your heart and become it. Live the knowledge. Life exists for itself. My personal hope is that each and everyone realizing this knowledge also chooses to use it to help others. Help others realize who they are.

Live like someone left the door open

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