Unrealistic description of life in Sweden

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Although the optimism of this article is encouraging: "How Swedes and Norwegians Broke the Power of the ‘1 Percent’". The title of the article holds no realism to the actual situation in Sweden.

There is once again a growing lower class in Sweden. The middle class is diminishing as the wealth is shifted towards the 1% who's growing wealthier by the minute.
The lower and middle class have long since lost their once internationally celebrated protective economic web of security where no one would actually fall through and become "poor". Now there are many, many people who are poor. But naturally the statistic doesn't always show this..

Image taken from a cue to a soup kitchen in Sweden at St:Clara's Church in 2012..

St:Clara 2012

And then there are the social control grid. These are the countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) which gave name to "jantelagen": Where everybody are expected to do and be as everyone else. To go against the crowd is still regarded as a big no-no. And always accept authority and never ever question something that's deemed "scientific". The mind control is so good that most people doesn't even understand that it exists. People go to great length protecting this thinking, and not seeing that somehow EVERYONE seems to act, dress and behave in the same way..? But hey we are all free right! .. Sheep's..

Good thing however that this social mind control mechanism is crumbling and starting to come down.

And you could go on and on. The reality is that this is a fairytale and not a very true one either. The 1% have always been in charge of Sweden. They have just managed to stay out of public sight better then most countries.

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