Where safety is not an option

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Free your mindLook at the world we live in. It reflects everything that lives inside it. New creations comes out of the whole as pure consciousness. Our thoughts are the building blocks to the Universe and whatever intention we put into our being, become reality.

The world is waking up, or perhaps a better expression would be coming to, like someone who have been under sedation for a long time and is now trying to focus and understanding what is going on. 

We've been out for a long time. We have been drunk on stupidity and confusion. The reasons for our helplessness are many but the most important right now, is that we need to get free from the confusion. 

We are not mindless idiots or over-consuming robots. We have a soul and a great vehicle we call body. But why don't we see this? The biggest reason is because you have been conditioned into believing that the world can not be changed and that you are a small fragile afraid person.

Where did these thoughts come from? Why do you believe in ideas that are not your own? Start to question everything and then you will wake up.

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