The World from Afar

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Believing in yourself is one thing, believing in the world is crazy.

Turn your minds eye towards Earth.

Seen from afar the ant farm that is planet earth must be a wonderful sight to see. Vast forests, great mountains and deep blue oceans. Great buildings and structures. Landmarks from way back when, showing our collective history as a species.

SetiAmazing would not be a strong enough word.

But in the midst of all this splendor are other ..things. Not so beautiful but rather ugly. A shadow side of humanity.

One might say mistakes have been made. Perhaps we've gone through a natural evolution and we are just now beginning to see the error of our ways.
Well perhaps this is somewhat true, but this doesn't explain why we keep repeating our stupidity. And it doesn't explain why we continue to mess things up in an ever bigger and broader scale.

Shifting focus, moving backwards.

Perhaps the earthlings is a young and inexperienced race? But we all know this is simply not true. They're actually older than what's generally accepted. With a history that is much more vivid then what's generally acknowledged.
Most of them don't know how big their world actually are. It seems that a few of them have gone out of their way to make the others feel really small and confused.

But some of them know. Looking at the older cultures, especially the indigenous people all over their planet. Their collective memory and culture protects a vast knowledge into the true background of all humanity. Today, many of the others are waking up and starting to open up to this old knowledge that has been shrouded and held out of sight. The understanding of how things really are is as natural to them as their own breath. And in their hearts they know it to be true.

From afar, we say to the awakened: Yes, you are little brother. Yes. You. Are.


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