You are loved

Submitted by Peter on

Last night I had at first a semi-lucid dream.

I was walking on a road in a city. I was feeling bad and experienced negative thoughts about myself.

At one time I walked under a small bridge or a overpass and during that moment one thought said:
- "You are bad and not worthy."

But when I came out from under the overpass I looked up onto the wall. And on the side of the road I could see writings like graffiti. And the writing began with these words:
- "I love you. You are perfect ..."

In that moment I became totally lucid in the dream and immediately understood that this was my own Self sending me a message. And at that moment all the negative thoughts was dispersed like the bad spirits they were. And I stood there in silence watching the writings and felt only joy and wholeness.

This is our real nature, to be loved and feel whole.


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