Mother Nature

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What you can expect:

This experience is meant to be a wonderful first steps towards a meeting with Mother Earth.

Most of us spend our lives constantly bombarded with attention stealing devices, situations and people. Long gone are the times when we could simply step away from civilisation and find seclude in a forest clearing or sit silently by a stream watching the water.
What happened to our need for silence, isn’t solitude and stillness necessary to us anymore? But of course it is, and you already knew that. We can all feel the ancient knowledge inside ourselves which tells us that human beings are part of nature. So don’t step too far away from that old path which leads us into a forest or to a quiet part by the ocean, where we can spend some time alone and heal.

Present yourself to Mother Earth

This is a wonderful way to start your new journey. In this exercise I simply want you to spend time alone in Nature. But remember that it doesn’t do just sitting outside in your garden or simply taking a casual walk in the park.

Here’s what you do:

First you should plan so you have at least half a day free to spend on your own. A full day is even better. Schedule a trip to a nearby forest, a lake or somewhere else in nature where there is still wilderness and you think there is the opportunity for you to be on your own. So don’t choose a too civilized part of the world where you already know beforehand that there are probably many people visiting the site.

Bring with you water and perhaps a light lunch. Also depending on the weather and climate you should perhaps take with you dry clothes and something if it starts to rain.
A cell phone (which you turn off while you’re there) could also be good to have with you. But take into consideration that there could be problems with coverage, so test it before you need it.
Naturally there are other things you could need while going on your daytrip, such as a map, compass, knife, box of matches, flashlight, medicine and so on. But before you pack and take your house with you on your back, remember that you are not suppose to go camping.. you’re going out to meet Mother Nature.

A word of safety

Be safe on your trip. Don’t take unnecessary risks or be reckless. I would recommend that you choose a destination which you have already previously visited, but if you are going somewhere you’re not too familiar with, then first talk to the forest service in your area or call someone who can give you advice on what to think about and what to look out for, such as wildlife.

And last but not least: Always let somebody know where you going and when you are supposed to be back. Make arrangements so that somebody will call and check that you are back home on an exact hour. This is the most important safety advice I can give you.

Some are afraid of solitude

Some can feel a strong resistance and even fear towards spending time alone in nature. This is really an unnatural feeling which regrettably people “catch” by being too caught up in the modern world. For many they just need to firmly reassure themselves that it is going to be alright and decide once and for all to just go through and do it. But if there is no way you can see yourself spending time alone in nature then don’t feel bad about it. Instead you ask a friend to accompany you on your trip, but when you arrive to your destination you both need to agree beforehand to not talk to each other more then necessarily.

So what will you do when you’re out there?

Firstly I want you to remember that you are not there camping.. It’s nothing wrong with having the right equipment but most importantly you are there to meet Mother Earth. And to talk with her, too much stuff will only be in the way.

Make it your purpose while you are there to be quiet and mindful. Watch, experience and feel what your surroundings are saying to you. If you feel you are supposed to sit down and spend time at some place, then stay there. Don’t think to analytically but rather let your emotions lead you on your way.

The Greeting and Welcoming Ceremony

At some time and at a suitable place you will do a short ceremony where you honour the surroundings and ask the spirits of the place to bless you with health and happiness.

In turn you express a verbal thank you to the place where you are, while doing so in a dignified and temperate way. Do not run around in mindless bliss or exhort all your feelings in babble. Perform a ceremony in stillness and peace where you speak your name and ask to be blessed by the spirits with health and happiness. And then you wait. Be still, watch and listen. If you are silent, truthful with an open heart, you will soon receive a blessing. Accept it in peace and remember to give a verbal thank you for what you receive. You do not have to be absolutely quiet while doing your ceremony, but the principal rule is to not say or do something which is not needed.
Stay on this place until you feel that you should go and then leave quietly. 

Closing up

During this whole experience you don’t leave any stuff behind you, needless to say: you take all non organic garbage with you back and true biodegradable waste you can bury somewhere where it doesn’t leave unpleasant marks.

Take time to reflect on your visit and perhaps write down what you have learned or experienced. What you are part of is ancient and sacred. Let your new experience with Mother Earth be a seed with the possibility to grow into something beautiful.

I wish your day with Mother Earth to be peaceful and give you rest.