Fasting has its spiritual dimension

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Everybody should commit themselves to fasting from time to time. Fasting clears out the bad from both your body and soul. It strengthens the mind and makes you more present in the now. It's an ancient science that fasting has a clear spiritual dimension and can be performed with benefits by them who seeks spiritual insights.

When I am fasting I do it because of its cleansing physical effects. But also because the influences it has on the mind and the soul. Usually I do it in connection with spiritual practices or before something big that I plan to do.

Freedom to be whatever you want - Law under Will

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The world how we percive it is constructed by laws. The rules we base and govern our lives by today, are the laws that come out of ancient times.

The important laws are hidden away and their existence are not taught in schools. For a long time have this knowledge only been taught through secret societies and occult practices. But if you know where to look the knowledge have always been out there for anyone to study. (For instance, look up Jordan Maxwell or Winston Shrout). Added later: Look to bottom of article for links.

The Banker

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It was Lord Acton who said:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Here is a video with a very interesting message. Delivered in poetry, very enjoyable.

If you're wondering, the book the banker reads is Aldous Huxleys - Brave New World.

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