A progress report

Submitted by Peter on


It has been sparse with updates recently. But nothing is ever still. My focus has been inwards, but also about putting food on the table.

During the last year I have become a student again. It is hectic but the work is also very rewarding, and perhaps we should all sometimes concider going back to studeing again, so we prevent ourselves from falling into laziness and begin repeating ourselves.

The World from Afar

Submitted by greyshaman on


Believing in yourself is one thing, believing in the world is crazy.

Turn your minds eye towards Earth.

Seen from afar the ant farm that is planet earth must be a wonderful sight to see. Vast forests, great mountains and deep blue oceans. Great buildings and structures. Landmarks from way back when, showing our collective history as a species.

SetiAmazing would not be a strong enough word.

But in the midst of all this splendor are other ..things. Not so beautiful but rather ugly. A shadow side of humanity.

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